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Hospice Community Liason

Chicago, IL

Job Summary

HospiceTalk is a leading provider for connecting Hospices to there community through innovative business practices. We are looking for a dynamic, caring and responsible individual to connect with hospices and hospice vendors in the Mid-Western region.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Develop territory-specific sales and marketing strategies • Develop new business avenues in the hospice industry • Use superior customer service and communication skills to develop new business relationships • Help build collaborative working relationships with the office and out in the field • Promote industry-leading Hospice services and technology • Meet assigned monthly goals and quotas • Participate in weekly meetings with the marketing team

Qualification and Skills

• Bachelor’s Degree in business and/or management preferred. • Two (2) years experience in the healthcare industry, preferably Hospice industry relevant • Competent organizational skills, team leader/manager. • Comfortable with public speaking. • Ability to handle stressful situations/deadlines. • Excellent oral/written communication and interpersonal skills. • Must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with all members of the organization.

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